CE Labels In either stainless steel, aluminium or laminated plastic (traffolyte), we can manufacture high volumes of CE marked plates, providing the ideal solution for marking your certified products with the CE mark. We can handle

Specification: 0.9mm thick brushed stainless CE plate, chemically etched and infilled with a black infill.
Specification: 1.5m brushed silver/black laminated plastic plate, laser engraved, with self adhesive backing.
Specification: 0.9mm thick aluminium CE data plate chemically etched and infilled black.
CE plate stainless steel etched nameplate serial plate engraved tag label
Silver and black label laser engraved plastic label traffolyte
Aluminium nameplate etched engraved printed serial plate

orders of many thousands to just 1 or 2 with ease, whilst still working to deadlines to meet the clients requirements. Our high quantity and carefully finished plates are the perfect solution to labelling machines with all the relevant information.