Specification: 1.5mm thick brushed stainless nameplate, with hole locations cut with a water jet for precision and chemically etched and infilled text.
Stainless steel control panel, laser cut engraved
Water jet cut control panel stainless steel
Plastic control panel laser engraved and cut Traffolyte control panel
Specification: 3mm thick white/black plastic  control panel, laser cut and engraved.
Control panels can be manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or traffolyte type rigid plastics to bespoke specifications. Using highly accurate water jetting technology we are able to produce extremely precise cut outs to match existing panels, machinery or drawings. Chemical etching then provides the most robust engraving to label the panel, giving them a prestigious finish. Plastic panels are cut and engraved on our state of the art laser, where we can usually offer on extremely quick lead-times.
Specification: 1.2mm brushed stainless steel panel cut to size with large shaped cut outs.
Specification: 0.9mm thick brushed stainless steel steel control panel, chemically milled and etched.