Data plates for industrial applications is something we specialise in. Data plates in stainless steel, aluminium or laminated plastics are a great way to mark your product with all the information, technical specifications and branding you require. Please find examples of different nameplate designs below.
Specification: 3mm thick brushed stainless steel data plate, chemically etched and infilled black. Complete with 8mm de burred holes and fully polished edges
Specification: 1.5mm thick brushed stainless steel data plate, chemically etched in reverse, leaving a border and the lettering stainless steel and infill the background and boxed text in black. 
Specification: 1mm thick brushed aluminium data plate, chemically etched and infill black, with four 4mm fixing holes. 
Specification: 1.5mm thick black/white laminated plastic data plate, with self adhesive backing.
Specification: 1mm thick brushed stainless steel data plate etched and infilled black, without holes ready to be welded to the machine on site.

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