Specification: 1.2mm thick brushed stainless nameplate, chemically etched in reverse and infilled black. Complete with 2 fixing holes and fully de-burred and polished edges.
Specification: 1.5mm thick brushed stainless nameplate, chemically etched and infilled with black, blue and brown mixed colours to match the company logo. Supplied with a self adhesive backing.
Specification: 1.5mm thick blue/white laminate label, with self adhesive backing.
Stainless steel nameplate, black background engraved and chemically etched
Brushed stainless steel namepate chemically etched with coloured infill, label engraved label
Traffolyte label blue and white nameplate
Nameplates can be manufactured in stainless steel, aluminium or rigid plastics (traffolyte) to bespoke specifications. Our high quality nameplates are a great way to mark you products with your company branding and other additional information. Logos can be etched deeply into stainless steel and aluminium and infilled with specially mixed colours to match you branding.