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Stainless Steel We manufacture, using our purpose built facility, stainless steel nameplates, stainless steel data plates, stainless steel valve tags, stainless steel CE plates, stainless steel Atex plates, stainless discs, stainless steel information and warning plates, and stainless labels. Stainless steel is extremely strong and hard wearing, highly resistant to corrosion and extreme temperature changes which makes it an ideal material for nameplates in an industrial application. All our plates are made bespoke for the clients requirements, so there are no restrictions on sizes, fonts, colours or shapes. 

Please find examples of different types of stainless steel plates below. A specification of our stainless steel plates can be found here. Contact us here for advice or a quotation.


Chemically etched logo stainless steel on sign, nameplate or logo. Network Rail colour infill.
Stainless steel data plate nameplate rating plate chemically etched enrgaved
Stainless steel label serial tag for valves
Stainless steel metal etched engraved Atex rate label tag

Our nameplates and labels

are perfect for industries such as:

Pumps and Cyclones

Ships and Yachts

Silencers and Exhausts


Pressure Vessels


Power Generation



Engraved stainless steel schematics drawings control panel, etched
Stainless steel serial CE mark plates, label tags

We specialise in deep etching logos and corporate branding into stainless steel.


Stainless steel control panel engraved watre jet cut.
Stainless steel control panel laser cut, chemically etched, laser engraved. Stainless steel


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